Promoting self care through handmade luxury bath products

I stumbled upon soaping during my quest for an outlet after exhausting corporate work days. I needed stress relief and relaxation. I found it. When I discovered soaping, it was love at first try. Combining my new favorite thing with my love of heritage and culture, I came up with luxurious Louisiana themed bath products.

I’m not only the owner; I’m also a client. My skin loves these products! Store bought self care products tended to leave my skin dry and flaky. My hand crafted products leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Now, I don’t have to make appointments, fight traffic, or stand in line to feel like a queen and neither do you. Treat yourself to a spa in your own home with Avanni (earth) Soaps, and learn more about the beauty, mystery, and magic of Louisiana culture. Ca c’est bon!