Personal care advocate and business owner

I stumbled upon soaping during my quest for a hobby after exhausting corporate work days and volleyball mom duties. I needed stress relief and relaxation, and I found it. When I discovered soaping, it was love at first try. I use the cold process method which feels a lot like making a cake. Combining my new favorite thing with my love of heritage, culture, and personal care advocacy, I came up with luxurious Louisiana themed bath products. Although the Cajun/Creole themed soaps are a joy, I've expanded my line to those who just seek luxury body goods for themselves or loved ones who want to make bath time as much about feeling centered and pampered as it is about hygiene.

I’m not only the owner; I’m also a buyer. I love these products and my skin does too! our soaps are natural, plant based, paraben free (no preservatives), and handcrafted. I no longer purchase mass production bath soaps. I buy from my shop. I wouldn't sell you anything that I wouldn't use for myself or my family. Now, I don’t have to fight traffic, stand in line, or struggle to read what's in a product to feel like a queen with healthy skin and neither do you. Treat yourself to a spa in your own home with Avanni (earth) Soaps, Bathe with intention to wash away every burden that isn't yours to carry. You may even learn a little more about the beauty, mystery, and magic of Louisiana culture. Here's to clean bodies, clear minds, and peaceful spirits.

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