Hold 'Em Tigers Soap Bar



The Soap
This organic oatmeal infused bar soap smells like lavender, chamomile, and oatmeal cookies. Sounds odd but trust us it works!

The Name
Dedicated to the purple and gold- Louisiana State University AKA LSU!

"Tiger Rag" (Hold that Tiger)

🎶 Long ago, way down in the jungle
Someone got an inspiration for a tune,
And that jingle brought from the jungle
Became famous mighty soon.
Thrills and chills it sends thru you!
Hot! so hot, it burns you too!
Tho' it's just the growl of the tiger
It was written in a syncopated way,
More and more they howl for the 'Tiger'
Ev'ry where you go today
They're shoutin'
Where's that Tiger! Where's that Tiger!
Where's that Tiger! Where's that Tiger!
Hold that Tiger! Hold that Tiger!
Hold that Tiger! 🎶

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalized orders

Yes. If the order is for soap favors, Please contact me at least 6 weeks in advance of the date you need the order. Cold processed soap has to cure for at least 4 weeks.

Care instructions

Please keep all products clean and dry as I don’t use preservatives in them. After using a soap bar, make sure it’s placed where water can drain allowing the soap to dry for a longer lasting bar.

Body butters and elbow grease are formulated to maintain solidity; however, extreme heat can still melt them. If ordering in the summer please be available to receive the package on delivery date.

Wholesale availability

Yes. Contact me for more details.

Sizing details

For soap bars, sizing and weight are approximate as soap is hand cut. Minimum weight is listed; however, it is possible for a bar to fall slightly below listed weight as it cures.

Also, I began making 3 Oz soaps, then moved to 4 Oz, and now 6 Oz. Prices vary by size. Though some labels may reflect a smaller size, the price reflects the actual size. 6 Oz bars are $6.50.

Gift wrapping and packaging

All packages are packed as gifts. Please let me know if I should pack without receipt.

Do you accept returns, exchanges, or issue refunds?

No. All sales are final. Because of the nature of the product, I do not accept returns. Please check your order before checkout to make sure it is what you want. If you are not happy with the product, please contact me. Your opinion matters.