Red Beans And Rice Soap Bar



The Soap

Made with the finest red beans and rice.... Kidding! It’s made with the same organic oils and rich butters as my other soaps. The fragrance of this soap will leave you spellbound- warm vanilla and exotic woods. It’s like the fragrance is giving you a hug.

Note: the white part of the actual soap has darkened due to the vanilla content in the absence of a stabilizer. It now looks like red beans and whole grain brown rice.

The Name

Most cultures have some form of beans and rice dish. However, in Louisiana, the dish was traditionally cooked on Mondays as women tended to laundry. The dish has a base of the sautéed holy trinity (onions, bell peppers, and celery) with smoked pork or sausage. Nowadays, few wait until Monday for this delicious Louisiana staple.